Changelog – Recent Optimizations

We did some Optimizations on jbc.FTX and jbc.FTX API. You can find detailed insight in how we improved and stabilized jbc.FTX in our Changelog. 21.9.2023 Use FTX also to test EBICS order types HCA and PUB FTX internal versions, used by bank to test EBICS servers, support now also HCA and PUB für EBICS version 2.x […]

Online banking with SAP S/4HANA

Connect SAP directly to your bank – with jbc.FTX SAP S/4HANA offers the possibility of carrying out various business processes such as finance, sales and procurement on a single platform. With jbc.FTX you connect your bank directly to your company and can communicate directly and securely. Possibilities & functionality Adapt your existing IT infrastructure to […]

OpenSSL in jbc.FTX and jbc.FTX API are updated to the latest versions.

New versions are available for jbc.FTX and jbc.FTX API. The vulnerable OpenSSL version has been replaced by versions in which the bugs have been fixed. jbc.FTX uses OpenSSL Version 1.1.1v and 3.0.10 now. These vulnerabilites have been adressed (you also find a full list at/news/vulnerabilities-3.0.html ( 3.0.8CVE-2022-4203 X.509 Name Constraints Read Buffer Overflow [Moderate severity] […]


No bank accept LSV+ upload with E-Banking contracts over the CLX.E-Banking offline tool interface. This fact is represented now in SwoxContract.Dat .

Bugfix – Raiffeisen E-Banking

Bug fix: FTX could not find the Raiffeisen E-Banking contract for LSV+ Upload. (The problem was specific to E-Banking contracts – not found for EBICS contracts.)


For EBICS V3 contracts, FTX tries to use the correct BTF parameter ‘version’, checking the HTD data of the contract. There is also a new FTX session number available now to do an EBICS HTD request


Changed the default name in the dialog to search the file to upload from DTALSV.DTA to pain.00?.xml . (This change concerns exclusively to an upload dialog of FTX.)

Bugfix for EBICs Contract Manager

Corrected a bug, when the EBICS contract manager is called directly over the FTX function DsplyEbicsCntrctState(). There is also more detailed information to requirements of the installation in the API specification document, when a software will use this function.

New login procedure BCV-Net / camt.053 and camt.054 Download Available

BCV has been providing a new login procedure after a long time. This can now also be used via the offline tool API. After logging in using the new procedure, camt.053 and camt.054 can also be downloaded. The new login procedure has been implemented in FTX. When you log in, a new window is displayed […]

New EBICS communication parameters for Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has revised the communication parameters for EBICS Version 2.5 and EBICS Version 3. These changes have been implemented in FTX. Credit Suisse (like other banks) publishes its EBICS communication parameters on the Internet. The most recent changes for EBICS version 2.5 (changes to the available EBICS order types) and for EBICS version 3 […]