New login procedure BCV-Net / camt.053 and camt.054 Download Available

BCV has been providing a new login procedure after a long time. This can now also be used via the offline tool API. After logging in using the new procedure, camt.053 and camt.054 can also be downloaded.

The new login procedure has been implemented in FTX. When you log in, a new window is displayed with a browser in which HTML data is displayed directly from the BCV server system. In this way, future changes can be made on the BCV side without a corresponding adjustment being necessary on the FTX side. FTX can manage the contract number and give it when logging in (i.e. the user can optionally store the contract number and does not have to type it in every time). However, the password must now be typed in for every communication. The new procedure is available without any adjustment: A user could choose to carry out an old login with a current FTX application, then use the new procedure and then also use the old login again the next time.