jbc Banking Software

Secure and efficient banking software is nowadays a crucial tool for the secure management of your company’s finances.

jbc software offers a secure solution for payment transactions between your company and your bank. We enable the secure transmission of digital data packages from A to B, with a particular focus on the security of the exchange of your financial data.

Find out which jbc banking program is suitable for your requirements.

Choosing the best online banking software: what is banking software?

It is essential that an online banking software delivers User-friendliness combined with comprehensive security functions. The ideal banking software offers you reliable encryption of your data and protection against financial fraud.

For companies that use Microsoft Windows, we at jbc Software offer various Banking Software Windows options that run seamlessly on this operating system. Our programs integrate easily with other Windows-based applications, making them a suitable choice for PC users.

E-banking solutions for maximum data security

We offer the e-banking software for your business : Our self-contained system guarantees maximum security for your data.


The jbc.FTX is a standalone software for Microsoft Windows that enables secure data exchange between your company and banks. It supports communication with all proprietary protocols of Swiss banks and can be used as a module to upgrade other software products. In addition to the basic functionality, jbc.FTX maps the European standard EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard), which enables the secure transmission of payment transaction information via the Internet.

jbc.FTX is particularly suitable for companies that want to process a large number of transactions in their own system.


The jbc.FTX API is anintegrable modulewhich smoothly into your applications fit is. It enables, directly integrate the management of bank contracts and communication. The API is licensable and is regularly improved in terms of security and functionality through updates. It supports both EBICS and the secure, proprietary protocols of the Swiss banks, ideal for Direct Banking and two-factor authentication.


NOVA is a modular backend system for banks that is used in Germany and Switzerland. It enables automated integration of financial transactions from ERP systems to banks via web services, in particular SOAP. The software is cloud-It supports the ISO20022 standard and facilitates bank communication without manual adjustments for data format changes. NOVA can also manage private keys and enables simple and secure handling of financial data across different bank accounts.

How can banking software increase the efficiency of your company?

Our banking software products offer a range of benefits for your company:

  • Discretion and security:
    With security protocols and measures, such as the use of secure communication protocols (EBICS) and the encryption of private keys in hardware security modules (HSM), these systems provide a high level of data security to protect financial and personal information.
  • Automation:
    Our software automates your online banking so that manual intervention is no longer necessary to monitor your online banking manually.
  • Integration capability:
    Our e-banking software is designed so that it can be integrated into existing Microsoft systems and architectures. We offer APIs and web services that enable seamless integration into various business software and ERP systems.
  • Standards and certification: We follow internationally recognized standards such as ISO20022, which are compliant with global financial sector regulations. This makes interoperability with various financial institutions considerably easier and more secure.
  • Overview and control:
    Manage finances across different institutions.
  • Our security protocol
    ensures the most secure transmission of your data with modern encryption technology and multi-level authentication procedures to prevent unauthorized access.

Our customers: not just banking software

Our customer base is diverse: Around 25 financial institutions, software houses and companiescompanies that span the entire globealready trust us – from Switzerland to South Africa. We serve a wide range of organizations, from private companies and international organizations to large pension funds and universities as well as medium-sized companies.

Optimize financial management with jbc e-banking software

The right Internet Banking Software can make managing your finances much easier and more secure. Whether you have a Banking Software Windows platform or prefer a comprehensive e-banking software it is important to choose a solution that meets your requirements and offers ease of use.

With the right jbc software for online banking you can manage your financial affairs more efficiently and securely.

Customer service for jbc banking software

We value cooperation based on trust and do everything we can to ensure that our systems work without interruption. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or technical problems. We look forward to seeing you.