Manage and benefit from your banking contracts with account aggregation and payment transactions across all your bank accounts – worldwide. Standalone version as desktop application.


Benefit from our offer for FTX CH customers.

FTX CH becomes jbc.FTX


Manage all the complexity of communication protocols and security of your communication contracts with parameters as well as credentials in one simple interface. Integrate regular communication processes into your existing applications via batch calls. For EBICS and the proprietary, secure protocols of the Swiss banks.

The .FTX program manages communication contracts with parameters and credentials and hides the complexity of technology, communication protocols and security.

It is built for the simplest use of bank communication from one interface and can also be called via batch calls. This makes it ideal for direct or indirect use from your existing applications.

In addition to EBICS, the proprietary, secure protocols of the Swiss banks are also available – in direct banking or with user interaction during login (two-factor authentication).

Security and continuity are guaranteed by a maintenance contract. Our regular updates ensure adjustments to regulations, changes in standards and updates and additions to proprietary protocols.

Our support is also available to you personally for assistance with integration and operation.

Aktuelle Informationen, Updates und Angaben zu neuen Releases stellen wir Ihnen in unserem BLOG vor.

Möchten sie FTX als Multibanking Applikation für die EBICS VEU (Verteilte elektronische Unterschrift – EDS) nutzen? Setzen sie sich gerne mit uns in Verbindung.

Key facts

  • Self-administration and automation
  • Can be integrated directly or indirectly into an application or data flow via batch calls
  • Supports ISO20022 standard

Supported protocols Banking communication:

  • EBICS to version 3.0
  • Intersystem
  • Avaloq
  • Finnova
  • E-Finance
  • and many more

System requirements:

  • Current MS Windows operating system (desktop or server)
  • MS .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher
  • MS Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (32 Bit)
  • MSXML 6.0

Licensing and maintenance

  • Licence (1): CHF 690,00
  • Maintenance and support (2): CHF 138,00

(1) This is a single-user licence, one licence is required per installation.

(2) The maintenance price includes error correction, further development of existing options, adjustments to regulations or due to changes in the operating system and support via e-mail.

Remote support and assistance can be booked at CHF 195 per hour if required.
Maintenance and support can be terminated with six months’ notice to the end of the year.

All prices and conditions are subject to value added tax at the applicable rate.


Benefit from our welcome offer:
At the turn 2021/2022 we acquired the rights to FTX from Crealogix AG. We continue the product under the name jbc.FTX and thus ensure long-term maintenance, updates and support.

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