Integrable module


The holistic backend for financial transactions with open service architecture via web services and end-to-end data flow. Enables fully automatable integration into your own systems, from your application / ERP solution to the bank and back.

Integrated banking

Implementation of bank communication and helpful support via WebServices (SOAP).

Cloud-ready with web services

Use the possibilities of jbc.FTX API, via WebServices and thus without restrictions or limits in your Cloud or SaaS application performant, secure and highly professional (like well-known software houses and large financial institutions that rely on NOVA with their multibanking portals).

Intelligent interpreter

Use NOVA’s interpretation of bank data and documents and avoid the time-consuming interpretation of various data formats in different versions and dialects: Use NOVA’s standardised DTOs.

No adjustments for changes

Use NOVA’s services to create suitable files (e.g. payment orders in various pain.001 formats). NOVA provides an abstract access layer to the different data formats. Don’t worry about the annual updates and changes.

Standard compliant

Of course NOVA supports the ISO20022 standard.

Safety first

Do you want to create and persist private EBICS keys in an HSM? Are you looking for a solution to securely link your authentication services with the use of personal, secret keys? We show you how it works with NOVA.

System requirements:

  • Current MS Windows operating system (desktop or server)
  • MS SQL Server / SQL Server Express
  • MS Internet Information Server
  • MS .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher
  • MS Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (32 Bit)
  • MSXML 4.0

Supported protocols: Banking communication

  • EBICS to version 3.0
  • Intersystem
  • Avaloq
  • Finnova
  • E-Finance
  • and many more

Licensing and maintenance

We will be happy to provide the price list on request.