jbc FTX supports UBS Pay Together

EBICS supports the submission of payment orders without a signature. Banks can use this opportunity to provide their customers with useful services. You can now also use these options with ‘jbc FTX’ and ‘jbc FTX API’.

UBS provides corresponding services under the name UBS Pay Together. Other institutions (e.g. PostFinance) also use this special deposit option, but may offer the service without a special name. Example PostFinance with this paraphrase: “(…) Possibility of delivery by third-party companies (e.g. trustees) and individual release by the customer on e-finance (…)”.

As the name used by UBS is currently quite common, they also find the term ‘Pay Together’ in FTX.

PayTogether can be found on the dialogue of the EBICS Contract Manager as a CheckBox. Normally this is not ‘checked’. If the EBICS User wants to use PayTogehter, he clicks on the CheckBox. This transmits the payment orders to the financial institution ‘without signature’.