EBICS Download Order types are not displayed

A problem in the display of the download order types for EBICS version 3 contracts has been corrected.

FTX shows a user all available order types per EBICS contract for the download of data (correct expression for EBICS Version 3: Administrative order types with BTF parameters). The source of this list is the information FTX receives via a so-called HTD request (HTD: retrieve subscriber’s customer and subscriber information). If this information is not available, e.g. after an initialisation of a contract, a user can only use this HTD request when downloading.

If the information from an HTD request is available, the user sees the correct list defined by the bank. Up to now, it was possible with EBICS version 3 contracts that this list was not displayed even after successful receipt of HTD data and the user could continue to select HTD only.

This problem is fixed in FTX versions from 30.1.2023.

To request the latest version, please contact our support at ftx-Support@jbc-software.ch